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Located at the Luniao Town of Yuhang District, the "Hometown of Sweet Pear in Zhejiang Province", where is 40km from the northwest of Hangzhou, Shangougou Scenic Area inside the Chinese biosphere protection zone has the highest peak in Hangzhou, which is Mt. Yaotou with altitude of 1,095m, and the second highest peak, which is Mt. Hongtao with altitude of 1,025m. Both the two peaks are the important source of Taihu Lake. There are thousand-year Chinese yew groups, the rare and valuable plant in the country, and the black muntjac, the first-grade protected animal in China, etc, in the spot, where boasts abundant resources, graceful ecological environment and substantial species of animals and plants. There are peaks and ridges and rows of mountains around the spot, the mountains inside which are covered by dark green trees. With plants coverage rate standing at 95%, it has formed a special "Peace-and Happiness-Type" climate and environment differing from the surrounding environment.

Just like the saying that in the heaven, there is paradise, on earth, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou. Apart from Suzhou and Hangzhou, there is the Tang Gorge and Mao Pond on the earth as well.

The Shangougou Scenic Area is composed of two large scenic spots, namely, the "Tang Pit" and the "Mao Pond".

The Tang Pit, a gorge-type eco-tourism spot, with the length of the whole gorge of 2km and the drop of more than 380m, boasts the unconstrained, leaping and rushing streams of spring. A total of 18 waterfalls called "Eighteen Waterfalls Connecting the Sky" and numerous clean deep pools and unusual and beautiful land surfaces made this tourism spot the best place for exploring and touring. Its scenic spots include the Welcoming Green Screen, Innate Keel, Plum Blossom, Pair Dragon Playing with Ball, Five Daughters Offering Felicitation, Continuing the Fate, Peacock Spreads Its Tail and Ape-man in Tang Pit.

Mao Pond is a high mountain and flat type scenic spot for leisure, tourism and holiday, with rural residence and leisure as main tourism contents. The stone wall slope stream at the entrance of Maotang Village especially presents a splendid sight. During the high water period, the momentum is extremely imposing and the sound is shocking; during the low water period, the stream is tortuous and zigzag, which is like exquisite singing and slow speaking. The whole slope stream scene also bears the highest value, which can be called as the "First Slope Stream in the West of Zhejiang". Four big stones on the big stone wall, including the "Sansheng Stone" and "Ancient Stone", left an eternal mystery for people in the world. In addition to that, the "Thousand-sheep Stone", a rare granite stream remained after the crust movement, which happened in the hundreds of millions years ago, inside the spot. Besides the beautiful natural sceneries, there are also abundant cultural views including the well-preserved former site of the New Fourth Army Clothing Factory and the ancient private school which can make tourists trace back the production and living scenes of farming families in old days. The tourists can have meals and live in the farmhouses and live a life in the mountain.

There is Jiu Zhai Gou in the west of China and there is Shangougou in Hangzhou. Hangzhou Shangougou Tourism Spot sincerely welcome you.

Aigrette Bay Narada Holiday Hotel → No.104 State Highway → to the 100m of the Overpass from "Penggong" → Turn Right to Enter No. 015 Province Highway → Shuangxi, Yuhang Town, Lin'an Direction → Jingshan Town Government→ Shuangxi Bamboo Forest Rafting → Shangougou

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